Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Scotland and Boycotts

After reading about the West Dunbartonshire Israel boycott I did some more research.

I am now pretty disgusted with most of the politicians in Scotland for believing in so much crap put about by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

I am sorry to say I hadn't realised how much they had perpetrated lies about the whole middle east

I am now thinking that the Scottish National Party forgot the Socialist in their name ( Work it out)

The whole thing is designed to create sympathy for the Muslims trying yet again to denigrate the only democratic country in the ME.

As we all are aware Islam actually encourages its followers to lie for their cult and it looks like a lot of my fellow countrymen are following like sheep.

Its really bad when this happens


Its not only WD which has a boycott in place Stirling has as well. one of their elected councillors helps run the local branch of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.


Dundee is at it as well, they were going to put up posters but I now think they are going to re-vote,
probably bring in a boycott.


Also what a lot of people outside Edinburgh don't know is that Edinburgh refused to award a contract to Veolia because of its Israeli links.


All in all Scotland has a lot of idiots pretending to be councillors and members of Parliament.

Scottish Infidel


  1. Tired of Arab-greased anti-Israel propaganda? Master the true facts about Israel's history back 3,000 years free online with the Historyscoper:


    Fly with the eagles:


  2. I'm a person of a Ukrainian-Jewish backround. My parents moved to America and we live in the areas where the Scottish people live. I respect Scottish culture and support their history in America!

    The political correctness that has now infected our part of the world is disgusting. Many public schools look down upon the Confederate Americans, many of whom were of Scottish Decent. In fact, the Confederate Flag is based on the Flag of Scotland.

    I respect Scottland, his people, and all free nations! Long Live Liberty!

  3. So let's stop them and the rest